Who is behind the Synthesis Residence Kemang?

Synthesis Residence Kemang is developed by Synthesis Development, the leading developer in Indonesia with extensive portfolios in property (retail center, apartment, residence, superblock, office and hotel) and decades of experience in the industry.

What concept does Synthesis Residence Kemang present?
Synthesis Residence Kemang is exclusive residential apartment designed with modern Javanese architecture. It is located strategically near Sudirman’s Central Business District, Simatupang’s Central Business District, and entertainment centers in Kemang.
What makes Kemang perfect for Synthesis residence?
Kemang has maintained its own repute as the center of high-end lifestyle and cuisines with lineup of cafes, fine-dining restaurants, and hotels listed on expatriate’s favorite destinations. What makes it also perfect is its location at the heart of Jakarta’s business centers, near Sudirman’s and TB Simatupang’s Central Business District.
What makes Synthesis Kemang Residence unique?
Batik Kawung
Kawung motif was created by one of Mataram’s kings who got inspired by the usefulness of a sugar palm tree, a tree which produces fruit that we call “kolang-kaling”. Every inch of sugar palm tree, from the tip of the leaf to the root, is very useful for humans; stem, leave, nira(sap), and fruit. This motif inspires humans to be useful, too, for their community, nation, and country. This motif also implies that humans should excel in their life, too.
Initially, this motif was exclusively found on garments for royalties, but it wasn’t until Mataram was divided into 2, this motif also adornedattire worn by different cycle. In Surakarta, this motif is used on Punokawan group’s and priyantaka workmen’s clothing. Infusing Batik Kawung motif in Synthesis Residence Kemang’s design is a realization of quality artworks for exceptional figures.
A name for Central Java’s traditional house, Joglo is not merely a symbol of residence, but it is a principal factor. It is symbolized by four main pillar, representing the wind direction, east, west, north, and south.
The prevalent Joglo philosophy laid foundation for Synthesis Residence Kemang to put Joglo as the center part in its main lobby.
Joglo also symbolizes high social status for people in Central Java. Only high class group of people build their houses with Joglo style. It is because Joglo requires material complexities, more times to complete, and more money to spend. In the past, only priyayi and noble men owned this house.
And now, Synthesis Residence Kemang will bring Joglo, the favorite of exceptional figures to experience noble nuance in the middle of Jakarta city.
Bancak Doyok Dance
Bancak and Doyok dancing tells a story of workmen with different characters. A dance that performs collaboration of singing, dancing, and joking portrays daily lives, so that in some ways it resembles puppet stories. This dancing performances is rare nowadays as it rewuires special expertise; a dancer has to master various types of putri dancing, aside from gendang-gending. Bancak and Doyok dance carries a strong element of art that shapes Synthesis Residences Kemang. It shows that Synthesis Residence Kemang was designed and developed by professionals with special expertise in their fields.
High Quality Values are represented by Facilities in Synthesis Residence Kemang.
As home for exceptional figures, Synthesis Residence Kemang presents a unique realization of a beautiful garden used to be dedicated to royals, Tirta Astana.
Swimming Pool Amerta, the Water of Life
Bringing the legend telling that eternal water was inside the Amerta, Synthesis Residence Kemang grants serenity and solace for body and soul, an experience used to be enjoyed by kings.
Yoga Pavilion Prasanti, Calmness and Quietness
As the tale tells that meditation was gained through meditation, you can create your own perfection with total relaxation.
Reflecting Poll Ananta,
To create and innovate
Main Gazebo Astaka,
The King’s place A place for activities with families and loved ones.
Children Swimming Pool Pranala, small river
A place for children to cheer up, specially designed to be recreational place for royal descendants.
Children Playground Dewari, Young and Noble
A place to answer their curiosity and a palace for their lively world
BBQ Area Nismara, Victory
A space to celebrate life with families, and to get relaxed.
Dining Pavilion Samboga, a complete perfection
Not only beautiful views, but also comfort will you get and bonding time is made complete here
Reading Pavilion Aksara, the Graph
A spot to widen the horizon, designated for comfort.